React Native powered mobile application for LegalShield


Initial Concept

The initial idea that was envisioned by our management team was that associates, the people who sell LegalShield's legal service, needed a better way to host recruitment meetings and acquire potential client information in an easier manner. This potential mobile app solution allows associates to plan meetings at a specific location, and have recruits download the app at the meeting to geographically check in, which will provide the associate a list of client contact information. The app also allows an associate to view their stats on their commissions and recruiting numbers, and also has a built in messaging system for contacting other associates. In the past, associates had to acquire their prospective clients' information through traditional means, and this app would help streamline the process of selling to each person and keeping in touch with them.


Tools and Frameworks

We used React Native for the front end development and used Google Firebase/Firestore for the back end database. Our team ended up relying on a lot of APIs and React Native Community repositories to help supplement our work. APIs such as Google Maps, Places, and Geocoding were crucial in the Google Maps integration and user check-in. Repositories like Calendar Events, Redux Sagas, Navigation, and much more helped speed up production over features that had already been perfected by someone else.


Development Methodology

Our company used Jira, a flavor of Agile methodology. We conducted daily standup meetings at 8:30 every morning to discuss with everyone involved our current problems, future ideas, and feedback regarding what we had shown. We had two week sprints managed by our Scrum master, and at the conclusion of these two week development cycles, we would demo our work to our higher ups. We kept a back log of the features we had accomplished and user stories on planned development and ideas.


Closing thoughts

Overall, I really enjoyed working at LegalShield. The company culture was fantastic and was very productive, but also fun. Everyone I worked with was friendly and kept up clear communication about expectations and goals. I found React Native to be a really great framework for future mobile development, and have personally been motivated to do more mobile application work, since I previously had little experience with iOS and Android development.



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