Senior Capstone: Solar Automated Greenhouse

(Arduino IDE) Senior Design Capstone project that involved creating a solar energy, automated greenhouse which was run on WeMos D1 R2 boards.


HackUTA 2018: Howdy Sprinkler

(Javascript, Node.js, mySQL) Hackathon project for an automated houseplant watering system at HackUTA built using React Native, Node.js, mySQL, and a Raspberry Pi controlled circuit. 3rd Place Winner and Best Hardware Award.


We Are LegalShield Mobile App

(Javascript) React Native powered mobile app built for LegalShield. App provides an information hub for LegalShield associates who can also schedule recruitment meetings for potential LegalShield prospects who can check-in to these meetings via geolocation.


Garry's Mod: Scrap Metal

(Source Engine 2013) Personal project originally built for Half-Life 2: Episode Two, but later moved to Garry's Mod for the multiplayer gamemode "Zombie Survival". First level I created and released in 2013.


HDTF: Prologue Mission

(Source Engine 2013) Mission for HDTF. Based off of the Black Mesa Research Facility as seen in Half-Life, albeit taking place in a different part of the facility. Introductory level to the game.


HDTF: Comatose Mission

(Source Engine 2013) Mission for HDTF. Was first created as a proof of concept demo for the project in its very early stages. Currently being remastered and worked on for the full release game.

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