Hospital under siege during the 7 Hour War


Mostly non-combat mission involving stealth and interactivity with the environment for progression. Acts as more of an exposition/exploratory device in introducing the player to the reality of the 7 Hour War, which has been described in the Half-Life series but hasn't had gameplay or much visual detail on the conflict itself. Later missions after this one will involve the player fighting in the 7 Hour War on the front lines.


For the design of the hospital, I wanted to make sure that it somewhat followed realistic hospital architecture and layout, such as specific department placement in a hospital and proper access to the right facilities. The creepy/abandoned hospital theme has been used in many different forms of media, and I wanted to make a hospital that showed in its environment the breakdown and panic of society by a Combine invasion through portal storms caused by the Black Mesa resonance cascade. Major influences for the theme and design stemmed from The Walking Dead and some reference photos from abandoned hospitals in the UK. I really enjoyed building this from the ground up.


Responsible for: Concept, "White-box" design, Detailing, Gameplay flow, assisted in texture creation

Abandoned Outpatient Ward
Overtaken Inpatient Ward
ICU waiting area/hallway

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