Abandoned Rebel Outpost


This level was first released as a playable concept demo in 2016 to serve as a proof of concept to potential investors. It is made almost entirely with stock Half-Life 2: Episode Two. At the time, the team only consisted of a few members and I was one of the few level designers at all. Upon release, there was a great deal of feedback and reception. It was a great learning experience on how I approached level design, and as my second publically released map, it taught me a lot about the overall game design process.


For the full release of the game, this level will be remastered with brand new assets made by the talented texture artists and modelers on the development team. I've taken the feedback from the demo release and adjusted a lot of the gameplay mechanics to make things more fair for the player. I gave the map a grungy, dirty feel to it in order to reflect how the rebels in the Half-Life universe have suffered under the oppression of the Combine's regime.


Reponsible for: Concept, Level Design, Gameplay flow, Detailing


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