Half-Life 2 Era Industrial Complex


The entirety of this map stemmed from my dissatisfaction with a lot of community made levels for the gamemode "Zombie Survival" for "Garry's Mod", a mod for Source Engine games. I was primarily unhappy with how a lot of servers used levels that were very blocky and basic, and weren't very fun to play on. At the time, I had no idea how to do anything with the Source engine tools, so I asked around and found out about the free SDK tools that Valve had made so that anyone could make a community map to contribute. I started watching tons of YouTube videos on the Hammer World Editor, and fortunately there is plenty of documentation on the official Valve Developer Wiki. I started learning the basics in about 2011, and by late 2013 I had finally released a level I had built from scratch that I felt proud of.


This level is designed for up to 100 players in a "Zombie Survival" gamemode. A lot of levels for this gamemode were usually small houses and buildings that were very bland and while they did play generally well, many people were bored by the formulaic gameplay they were causing. At the time, I took a lot of inspiration from the Battlefield 3 level "Scrap Metal", because I liked the dilapidated, abandoned industrial feel of it, and I liked the scale of the map and how there were many large, open ended areas. Gameplay wise I wanted to make sure there were plenty of areas to run about and explore, but also areas to reinforce and fight zombies in, while at the same time making the experience fun for the player controlled zombies as well by balancing bunker areas with weaknesses. Overall, I've been blown away with the amount of positive reception and feedback the map has generated, and is one of the reasons why I joined the HDTF development team and kept doing level design on the side.


Responsible for: Concept, Level Design, Gameplay balancing, Detailing


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