Day 4: NYE

Today was the day of the big beach party tonight. During the daytime we went to the mall for shopping. I ended up buying some nice maroon chino shorts and a t shirt for the party. At around 5 we went to look for a place to eat and get some drinks, since we anticipated that the beach party would have exorbitantly overpriced drinks. Despite intense debate, we ended up settling on a Mexican restaurant.

Excited to find a Mexican restaurant far from Texas

We were a bit skeptical at first about this so called “Mexican Restaurant”. With most of us being native Texans and spending many years in Bryan/College Station, we’d seen eaten our share of Mexican food. Initial impressions were promising, as the menu was very authentic and captured that vibrant, latin vibe.

Looks Legit

So authentic, in fact, when we read the back of the menu, we were a bit surprised to find out about the poor mixologist’s fate.

…Well then…

Each person at our table of about 11 opted for the “2 margs for 15” deal. It turned out to be pretty good, and actually had a nice amount of alcohol in it without it being too overbearing.

We were all pretty hungry too, so me and two other friends opted to split a Taco fiesta which consisted of 10 4-inch tacos. I had the chicken and baja fish and it turned out to be pretty delicious. The chicken was tender and well flavored in al pastor sauce with pineapples. The baja fish was crispy and light and had a nice sauce with it as well. 8.7/10 Howdies

Taco Fiesta with Barbacoa, Chicken, and Baja Fish. 8.7/10 Howdies

After having a good time at the Mexican restaurant, we made our way upstairs to the monorail (which was reasonably packed) and after a bit of walking we finally arrived to the beach party. We didn’t really know what to expect from the beach party on how much hype and “litness” it’d be, but it certainly looked great.

Beach party entrance

Essentially, the party consisted of a bunch of drink booths, a foam pit with a separate group of DJs, and the main concert stage, which was where spent most of the night at.

Party as seen from the drinking area

We apparently were given a complimentary free drink, which seemed to be just some weak rum and Coke. After that, we went to the main dance area and started busting the moves.

It was hot, everyone was sweaty, the smells were interesting, but it was a night to remember.


We were all smiles before we entered the Foam Zone.

A New Year’s Eve Party to remember

Here we are, inside the foam zone. which despite the name turned out to be a horrific hellhole of survival. The foam cannot mercilessly douses everyone in chemical foam, blinding and choking everyone in its direct path. I genuinely am amazed that I survived that. Even as I kept wiping foam from my face, more foam would take over, slowly enclosing over until my entire body was covered in foam.

A New Year’s Eve Party to remember

Despite our journey into the battlefield known as the Foam Zone, we made it out with our lives and some amazing memories. I certainly haven’t had this much fun before on a New Year’s Eve.

A New Year’s Eve Party to remember

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