Day 3: Pre-Beach party Beach Party

After being exhausted and tired from walking around sightseeing all day yesterday, we went out for some morning yoga and back to Changi City Point to get some breakfast.

Breakfast in the morn

The stuffed waffle was cheap but delicious and piping hot. Great wake me up in the morning and would definitely recommend. Although, you will probably want to eat it ASAP as one of our friends tried to save some for lunch and it wasn’t as good. 7.9/10 Howdies

After breakfast we commuted via a long MRT ride down to the big VivoCity mall and from there took a monorail down to Siloso Beach to check it out and have some fun before the beach party the next day.

The beach felt like a usual one in the States (sorta like Florida). It was clean and had white sand of sorts, but it was interesting to see how it was both coarse and fine grain sand. The water was nice and we did some watersports like kayaking and paddle boarding. The waters were a little choppy and rough though so we had a fun time struggling just to keep afloat.

After we had thoroughly soaked up the sun (some more than others), we explored around the island a bit. We had already seen the small Merlion at Marina Bay, but we were surprised to find a giant Merlion on the island. We also found a nice little photo spot and ran into our old friend Vin Diesel.

After that, we returned to the VivoCity mall through the Sentosa monorail and had some delicious sushi and sake. The salmon sashimi was amazingly fresh and melt in your mouth. 9/10 Howdies.

Salmon and Sake dinner

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