Day 2: real explorer hours

Now that the jet lag part of the trip was finished up and we were all pretty acclimated to the local transportation, weather, culture, we could finally venture out to all the beautiful destinations of Singapore! First up, the most important meal of the day.

Kaya Toast with Coffee and some bean paste pastry

After breakfast, we did a little shopping around Changi City Point. Some friends and I figured that for class days we could buy oatmeal since one cool thing about the dorms here is that they have machines that can instantly dispense cold and hot water. We figured this would be more convenient, despite the fact that we are only in Singapore for a very short time, it would be difficult to commute with the metro and back, especially a lot of places only open at around 7am and not earlier. After we finished shopping, our prof took us out to our first hawker food centre. Here, you can get all kinds of delicious and filling food for very cheap.

The place I had for lunch was this stand selling Lor Mee, a Chinese dish popular in Singapore. This hawker stand in particular had apparently been awarded a Michelin star, thus meaning that it was probably pretty good. And that it was, it was absolutely delicious.

Michelin Starred Lor Mee hawker stand

After the hawker stand, we went to one of the big hotspots in all of Singapore, Marina Bay. Since it’s pretty well known that this place is amazing, I don’t have much else to contribute on top of that, so here are a bunch of photos.

Once we wrapped up the night show, we headed back to our dorms and were eager for another day of exploring on Sunday!

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