Day 1: Is it still Thursday?

Once we arrived in Singapore and had all met up at the airport, it was time to travel to SUTD, the university we’d be studying at, and get settled in our dorm rooms.

Jackie Chan Pavillion
SUTD Dorms

The campus is pretty impressive, and I really do like the modern architecture style and the way everything is laid out. It is probably a part of Singaporean culture, but I really do appreciate the amount of foliage and nature. It’s very charming and peaceful.

My dorm whilst I threw all my stuff down

I was expecting to be sharing a room with 3 other guys (or gals), but it seems that here, all of the rooms are either single beds or rarely a double room. Pretty interesting considering how back in College Station we’re often with roommates, but maybe at this upscale university they can afford it.

Once we’d gotten settled in and unpacked, we headed down to the metro subway. Compared to places like New York and San Francisco, I was really impressed by how clean and well maintained the railways were.

Ridin’ on the Metroooooo

We went out for lunch in the Changi City Point Mall, which at first I thought was relatively big (how so wrong I’d be in a few days), and we ate a nice Vietnamese restaurant.

The coffee was a great pick up after so much traveling and still not be used to the local time zone. I’m not going to rate the Pork Banh Mi, simply because I would be biased and give it a 10 because I love Banh Mi sandwiches. But it was really good, the pork was super flavorful. Never really thought about it, but this is the closest I’ve been to Vietnam geographically speaking. After lunch, we walked around some more and saw some interesting sights.

After the mall, our next meal was at Din Tai Fung, which looked like the usual Dim Sum restaurant. We ended up getting pretty much one of everything when it came to dumplings. I ate too many things that night, but I must say that everything was good and I left full.

And that wraps up our Friday after all of our traveling! Now that we’re all settled in and a little familiar with the area, the upcoming posts will be a lot more interesting with more sightseeing.

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