Day 0: 20 hours in a plane seat

Howdy fellow blog readers! Now that I’m finally settled in and not super jet lagged, I can finally share how my journey to Singapore has been going!

Early morning at DFW Airport

First up was getting to DFW Airport and flying over to Hong Kong for the first leg of the air trip. Since this was the day after Christmas, I figured that it would be a little bit busy…

Departure Hall

Fortunately, I was able to drop my bag and get through security just in time to board. Lateness aside, I could finally relax and settle in for the 17 hour flight.

Inside of the plane, and Crazy Rich Asians

I didn’t really plan anything out ahead of time of what to do on the plane. I did prepare some material such as downloading a bunch of books and music, but I ended up watching some of the on board movies for most of the flight. The first thing I watched was “Crazy Rich Asians”, which I had been told to watch before countless times by a lot of my other friends, but never got around to it. It was a great movie which ironically was about Singapore, which I found amusing for myself since I didn’t really do any research on the local attractions in Singapore, opting to just go in blind. Other movies I watched were Ant Man and the Wasp, Mission Impossible: Fallout, Incredibles 2, and also the first season of The Office. To elaborate real quick on The Office, I have watched Seasons 2-7 about 10 times over. When I first discovered the show, I was advised by some of my friends that they didn’t like Season 1 as much as the other ones. After watching I have to agree, but in all fairness the show was just starting out and everyone in the world was getting used to Michael Scott and Stanley the Secret Weapon.

At least with these long and expensive flights, food is provided, and I do end up enjoying most of the airline food. The first meal we had was served about an hour after takeoff, and it was a hot bowl of beef, rice, and some vegetables, alongside a basil dinner roll, a chocolate mousse, and some water. The beef was tender and pretty good, the rice was cooked through and had some nice umami flavor. I generally am not a fan of vegetables but they definitely helped out with the beef, which was a little bland. All in all, a solid starter meal, which I would rate at about 7.5/10 Howdies.

Snack: Margherita Stromboli and Caramel gelato

After about another 8 hours passed or so, we were served a nice little snack. This consisted of a boxed, warm margherita stromboli and some caramel gelato. The stromboli dough itself was kinda bland, probably didn’t have much seasoning. However, the inside filling was delicious, just a simple tomato sauce, mozzarella, italian seasonings, and actual basil leaves, which were quite good. The gelato was creamy and pretty delicious, although I’m not much of a caramel person anymore. I just wish the stromboli had some more seasoning, and if they can’t afford that, make the stromboli bigger, because I was still a little hungry afterwards. 6.9/10 Howdies.

Breakfast: Canadian Bacon, Scrambled Eggs, Hash Brown, mushrooms

Finally, about 2 hours before departure, we will served a nice breakfast. This was probably my favorite meal out of the 3. With this one we got a nice piece of canadian bacon, scrambled eggs, ham, and mushrooms in the bowl, along with a blueberry muffin top, greek yogurt, granola, and a cup of water. The breakfast bowl was pretty good, the ham was tasty and flavorful, the hash brown was hot and cooked nicely, and the mushrooms were a nice touch. The scrambled eggs I enjoyed a lot, because they were tasty, creamy, well seasoned, and had some chives mixed in. At home, I prefer making eggs the English/Gordon Ramsay way versus a lot of American preparations involving cooking the hell out of it, while G. Ramsay cooks the eggs gently and gets a more creamy, savory scrambled eggs. I usually add a little cream and chives to really make it nice. The muffin was decent, nothing extraordinary, and the yogurt was good with the granola mixed in. Maybe it’s just because this meal had the most food, and we were about to be off the plane soon, but I found it to be very tasty and filling. 8.2/10 Howdies.

Hong Kong DisneyLand in the Hong Kong airport

Finally, after a long flight, was a 3 hour layover in the Hong Kong airport. I met up with a few people from my study abroad group who had been on the same flight and we camped out near the next gate. We were all still pretty tired, so we ended up sleeping for most of the layover, despite the fact that in local HK time, it was 5pm. We did pass by some cool shops and I definitely was interested by a Hong Kong Disney Land shop.

Dinner enroute to Singapore: Chicken Spaghetti, dinner roll, fruit, ice cream, and water

And so, the final airline meal until my return flight: Chicken Patty Spaghetti, dinner roll, fruit, ice cream, and a water cup. Despite the advertised “chicken patty” pasta, I only had about 2 small chunks of chicken. The pasta was cooked through at least, and the sauce was pretty tasty. Unlike the other flight, this dinner roll was not seasoned, although the provided butter did help. The fruit was actually pretty tasty and fresh, and I wish I had more. The ice cream was good (this is ice cream we’re talking about) and overall it was a decent meal. I didn’t really like it as much as the others, but considering that this was only a 4 hour flight to Singapore (and in my domestic travel experience, you’d be lucky to get a bag of peanuts on a similar length flight), I had to give props for providing a free meal. 7.2/10 Howdies.

Changi Airport baggage claim

Finally, we had made it into Singapore! At least, the airport, which turned out to be just as amazing as everyone had said it would be. Compared to all the cramped, small, dirty airports in the U.S., this one was massive and sparkling. We had arrived at around 1am Singaporean Time, so not many were in the airport, but the scale of everything is crazy. Upon arrival, you’re hit with a sense of Singapore’s nature centric culture, with so much green and plant life proudly on display. It’s quite a wonderful experience. Immigration and getting our bags was simple enough, and now we just had to wait until morning to go to our dorms. Here are some more pictures from the airport.

After some more hours of waiting, and slowly getting to meet everyone as they began to arrive, our professor arrived, and we finally were able to start Day 1! Check out the next blog post for that!

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