Christmas and Singapore Prep!

Howdy everyone. First time blogging and using WordPress so still trying to figure all this out. My 2018 was quite eventful, not to say that other years aren’t so, but in that I had a lot of setbacks and achievements throughout. Regardless, every year I mature more and gain more first hand experience, and I’m thankful for all the friends and family that have helped me along the well.

Besides the end of year reflection, I’ve decided to attend a 2 week long software engineering study abroad in Singapore! There were a few reasons I decided to this. One was because next semester of college will be my last one, and I figured I might as well go on a study abroad while I still have the chance to. Another reason is because my last semester will also be filled with difficult classes I’d like to be able to fully focus on, and if I can get this software engineering class out of the way a little bit, it would help out.

I’ve only traveled internationally once to France and Italy a few summers ago, so I’m not very familiar with being in Asia or flying on my own, but I’ve planned it all out and shouldn’t have much to worry out. My journey to and from Singapore is pretty interesting as well. I’ll depart from DFW early tomorrow morning, and be in Hong Kong at nighttime with a few hours of layover, and then fly to Singapore and arrive at around midnight on Friday. When I return to the U.S., I’ll be leaving Singapore early on a Saturday morning. Then, I’ll be in Japan with a few hours of layover (which I am damn excited about). After that, a long flight over to LAX (not as exciting, but still cool). Finally, I will be back at DFW, technically on Saturday night due to weird time zone stuff.

I do know a few friends who have traveled to Singapore and they all gave great advice on the local culture and areas of interest. I’m really excited to be able to share a ton of pictures and experiences soon! Merry Christmas!

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